Facebook has become just another part of getting the story in newsrooms across America.

I have searched for — and studied — the pages of dozens of people (both victims and the accused) for a handful of prominent news organizations in the past few years.

However, as the practice of integrating social networks into the journalistic routine, the question every reporter must ask becomes more apparent and pronounced: What should the role of this technology be in our day-to-day responsibilities?

You can read my full analysis, and find a link to the views’ other professionals here.

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bThe best and worst of social networking is on display on Tech Talk.

Among the best: A tweeter has decided to do some good and get a few followers in the process.  @arjanelfassed reportedly paid $146 to name a street after his Twitter ID.  But this is not to build his ego, but rather cultural and educational events for children living in a refugee camp.  Here’s one tweeter I certainly hope others follow in more ways than one.

Among the worst: Someone decided to use Facebook as a tool to ask folks if President Barack Obama should be assassinated.  The poll has since been removed and the U.S. Secret Service is now investigating.  Hopefully he faces the fullest extent of the law.

To read more about both of these cases, please click here to directed to Tech Talk.

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