Looking for help

I just received an e-mail from a friend, and was hoping you could help her:

“Sorry for the mass email but I need help from you to see if you might know anyone that might be willing to a profile for a multimedia piece for my masters classes. The subject would be interviewed, photographed and video taped by my partner, Omar and I. We are looking to tell the story of a individual or family who meets the criteria below and lives in the NYC area:

The subject needed would ideally be someone who is unemployed and finding their unemployment benefits about to run out. Hopefully they are eager or willing to tell their story and show the effects of the current recession on the lives of, ideally, middle income households struggling to make ends meet.

Please forward this on to anyone you know who might be willing to be profiled or anyone that might know of someone who fits the profile.

This would be needed as soon as possible to create the proposals next week.”

If you know anyone, please shoot me an e-mail or send me a tweet and pass along the information.

Much thanks in advance.

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