A popular retailer has come under siege for essentially developing a logical and intelligent sales strategy.

Forever 21, the must-visit store for many teens and early 20-something girls, is being criticized for launching a line of maternity clothes called love21maternity in states with the highest pregnancy rates among young people. To that I say, bravo!

The clothing line, according to Syracuse.com, one of the many media outlets reporting the story, is said to be as “sophisticated, on-trend styles for moms-to-be at affordable prices.” What’s wrong with that? Should pregnant young people dress is rags and dirty linens? Give me a break. Why don’t we just sew a scarlet letter to pregnant girls’ tops?

The line was launched at the end of last month in Arizona, Alaska, California, Utah and Texas, according to Syracuse.com.

The Gloss, a fashion website, reported that Arizona, California and Texas are among the states with the highest rates of teen pregnancy in the United States. OK, so? Should Forever 21 market maternity clothes in states where there is not a lot of pregnancy? What kind of sense would that make?

People, we live in a capitalistic society. Stores need to make money — particularly as the economy struggles escape one of the worst recessions in this nation’s history.

An ABC affiliate, according to The Stir, quoted teen girls as saying they believe the clothes will inspire some of their friends to have sex and deliver a child. Hmmm… perhaps if girls are saying trendy maternity clothes would provoke a surge in teen pregnancy, there is something more wrong with the girls than the store? Perhaps better parenting is needed. Or perhaps the girls really just wanted to say something sensationalistic to get quoted on TV.

Regardless, just because a store markets a clothing line does not mean people will run out to purchase the products. No store would ever go bankrupt if that were the case.

I commend Forever 21, a store I have never shopped in or have any affiliation with, for making a smart business decision — and denounce the critics for being stupid and insinuating are stupid. Just because something is pretty does not mean one will get pregnant to wear it. Retailers ought to go where the money is within reason — and what Forever 21 did certainly falls within that purview.

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  1. Nancy says:

    It is absurd to blame a clothing store for promoting teen pregnancy by launching a design line. They are catering to an already-existing audience.

    And there are plenty of women past their teens who also shop at Forever 21 (whether they should or shouldn’t). They will likely be happy for the chance to maintain their style during pregnancy.

    I agree that if teens are so enamored with these maternity clothes that they decide to get pregnant, there are far deeper issues to explore.

    What’s next – blaming cardiologists for a rise in heart disease? Dentists for a soar in cavities? Seriously, people. Find the real cause for concern here and do something about it.

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